American Psycho

Greg Morris ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:53:03 -0400

I am currently reading the book American Psycho, by Brent Easton Ellis. Is
anyone familiar with it?? Anyways, it takes place in the late 80's and is
about a Yuppie-Wall St. guy who is completely (Psycho).

I just finished a part last night when they went to a U2 concert. This
psycho is in the crowd and he feels something. He says "Bono is up on
stage watching me, the screen behind him goes red, all of a sudden, I know
what he is all about, Bono says to me without talking 'I am just like you,
I am the devil' ".

As I was reading it, I'm like, what the f--k?? This book is killer.

So, if anyone wants a very interesting book to read, pick it up. Michael
Stipe is producing the movie that is supposed to be coming out.


Greg Mo.

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