City of Angels

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Wed, 22 Jul 1998 14:18:48 EDT

"local radio station is broadcasting some ad about a new
movie and itīs soundtrack.

The movie is called "City of Angels" - imho a remake of an earlier Wim Wenders
 move ...

To come to the point ... the soundtrack contains a song from U2 ... but the
 havenīt told which song is on it.

Anyone here who know which song they put on ?"

Yes, yes, yes! The movie City of Angels was released in the US this past
 spring and the soundtrack contained IGWSHA. Now, in my opinion, the Pop
 version of the song is better, but it could be that I'm just used to it. This
 soundtrack is the cd that I happen to be listening to at this very moment!
 It's pretty cool---has Sarah McLachlan and Peter Gabriel on it also.
On a different note, waking up this morning to NYD was just so cool. Great
 wakeup call.
Anyway, I don't know what all this crap is about Nikki's posts to the wire. I
 always enjoy reading them; they're so upbeat and humorous. She's genuinely
 excited about U2, and i think it's cool how she can relate any ordinary daily
 event or object to the band. So, to whoever must have "turned her in," get
 over it! Nikki, keep posting whatever makes you happy (and we know that is
 thanks to U2---mostly).
Have an incredible day!

"When others need your time, you say it's time to go, it's YOUR time..."

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