New Album Producer

Tim Fox ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 20:41:01 +0100

I think many would agree that the enigma known as CSJ Bofop (aka Mr Brian
Eno) has already presided over U2's best ever material. It was his influence
originally which developed U2's sense of texture and atmospherics in their
music. The Eno-produced albums also tend to have greater coherence as
complete works: the band's recent records which lacked the influence of
Brian Eno (Rattle and Hum, and Pop) are less coherent and more fragmented in

If the rumours are accurate (!) and the new material is less
dance-influenced, Eno, or possibly even the great Daniel Lanois might be
tempted to come back on board. Why break a successful combination??

'Honour your error as a hidden intention'
                                                           Brian Eno.


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