daily tally/ total so far

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 18:14:29 -0400

 Another couple of countries heard from! :)

Received today-

-Bridget Clifford- $75.00 (Thank you so much - and the card will go up on
my wall at work!:)
-"Laura" - 100 markkas (roughly $18.00) (thanks!!)
- Kaisa Kantalainen - 50 markkas ($9.00)

 Total so far, not including auction items - $197.00, after 2 weeks.

  I probably don't have to tell you that at this rate we will not reach our
goal to beat last year's $1074. I do have to say that if we don't get at
least $1000, we are not attending the AI Media Spotlight Awards- we can't.

   Re: the auction issue- unless you have something exraordinary (that's
you, Prarit) and wonderful to donate, I'm not accepting any more auction
items - unless you and I have already discussed this in email, and I have
agreed to accept your item. Here's the deal: people were responding to and
bidding on the items much more when I was doing the auction myself. People
are just not really responding to the eBay thing as I had hoped. However,
it makes 3X more work for me to have to do the auction - that is why I was
tickled with the eBay idea. I volunteered to pay the listing fees out of my
own pocket for this reason.

 To those on Hotmail - I do apologize, I didn't realize that you can't bid
on eBay with a hotmail account. I am very sorry for that.

  **Here's a compromise - if YOU want to list your items on eBay or
auction off your own items on the list of your choice, and then send me a
$$ donation, that might work out best for both of us.

  I don't know what else to tell you; these AI fundraisers have been
successful in the past. I'm here to facilitate, not to bully people into
contributing. The overall lack of interest concerns me. Of course, I WILL
see this fundraiser to it's completion; we just won't do this in the
future, if you don't want to.


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