Re: 2nd Post About Duets CD-Rs...

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 23:56:02 -0500

Why should you let me have that CD-R? For 7 reasons:
a. I'll be your friend for life
2. I'll mop your side walk everyday and clean the filter in your mailbox
4. It's fate I was meant to have that CD-R
r. It's all part of God's great plan
11. You're mom always told you it was good to share
+ACYAKg-. The moon is in perfect alignment with the gravitational vortex of deep space causing a rift in the space time continuum resulting in a paradox that will ultimately lead to the sun collapsing on itself creating a black hole which will in turn suck everything in the known universe in whoa+ACEAIQAh- went off on a tangent there
89. because you want to+ACEAIQAhACE- You know you do. I know you do. So let's just do it and we'll both be happy


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