Re: Quick Rebuttal

rob okorn ([email protected])
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 22:34:55 PDT

In response to J, do you always take something and take it literally to
the nth degree and veer off on a tangent to infinitim. Do you accpet
everything Bono says at face value (ie. The 80's was just a rehearsal),
most people are actually able to intuitively discern whether the quote
sounds legit or should be taken with a grain of salt, it's AS SIMPLE AS
THAT. The Lanois interview with the insight into With or Without You
was matter of fact, he remarked what he thought was the key to the power
in WOWY, his response was his honest assessment, there's no alterior
Bono's 'spirit of abandonment' 87 quote is consistent with the JT album,
alot of aspects in the tour performances. At the same time, I didn't
take his over the top holier than thou statements from that era at face
value. U2 consciously perpetuated that myth,one U2 bio stated 'and
messiah(Bono) greeted multitudes), the Bono among the faithful Live Aid
showmanship received alot of flack, his Amnesty 86 performance was over
the top in dramatics, U2 used that 'holier than thou' platform to their
advantage but anyone who takes the bands quotes on that subject too
literally is missing the point. I'm sure they did believe in what they
did in support of Amnesty International and other organizations but they
also used it to their own benefit and the over the top Amnesty broadcast
theatrics is obvious.
J, on emotion, the 4 songs you mentioned, are all tuned down, the slower
pitch compensates for the more brittle vocals. Bottom line J is,
doesn't sound like like you've even listened to the 4 tracks I

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