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>Do you accpet
everything Bono says at face value (ie. The 80's was >just a
>most people are actually able to intuitively discern whether the quote
>sounds legit or should be taken with a grain of salt, it's AS SIMPLE
>THAT. The Lanois interview with the insight into With or Without You
>was matter of fact, he remarked what he thought was the key to the
>in WOWY, his response was his honest assessment, there's no alterior

Well, I guess now you have taken the dangerous role of being the judge
of Bono's statements. Who are you to judge what statements are legit
and what's not? Do you think everyone would share the same opinion as
you in every quote of the band? And is it truly "AS SIMPLE AS THAT"
as I quote you? And if I were to take your "skeptic" point of view,
Lanois himself would have his own alterior motives because he was a
co-producer of the JT album so how can he be honest? Being a producer
of the album, he says his own comments from the internal point of
objectivity (or bias as you would like to call it) while it would have
to be the critics and fans and those not directly involved with the
song who coudl say external objective things. So Lanois still had his
alterior motive (don't they all? Have you ever heard of a band member
or producer who says "The album and songs suck..dont buy it!" right
after the album is released?)
>J, on emotion, the 4 songs you mentioned, are all tuned down, the
>pitch compensates for the more brittle vocals. Bottom line J is,
>doesn't sound like like you've even listened to the 4 tracks I

Who are you to say that U2's new songs are "tuned down"? Shouldn't
they be the one to decide what key they play the song in? Also, does
the mere fact that they don't play the song in the key you prefer make
them have less emotion in their songs? Please, Gone, One, and So
Cruel easily have more emotion then 3 of those songs you mentioned. I
say three because I haven't heard "Sweet Fire Of Love"so I'd rather
not judge (unlike you who makes judgements on the "inherent flaws" of
Zoo Europa without even actually hearing the boot). Yes, I have heard
the 3 of the 4 songs you mentioned. OS of course I am not discounting
the possibility that your b-side JT outtake, album reject "Sweet Fire
OF Love" could actually have more emotion than the songs I mentioned.

I think there is no point in carrying on this argument because it is
just exposing your defective reasoning and just makes you look
foolish. Look for less suspecting fans and try to dupe them into
adapting your extremely rigid disposition in viewing things. Maybe
you might be able to brainwash them...



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