To anyone currently trading with me (sorry no U2 content)

[email protected]
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 01:28:15 EDT

I just need to let all of U know who I am trading with that I am really sick
right now. I was sick last week and I thought I had gotten better until today
when all my symptoms came crashing down on me again and I feel like a big
badass truck just ran me over.

SO...I am going to the doctor, again, tomorrow.

I am telling U all this because I am tryin really hard to finish up what
trades I have but its going a bit slower when I have to wake up to take pain
pills every 3 hours and then crawl outta bed to flip tapes...

so please just bare with me..I have never and will never ripoff anyone..and I
have been trading enough in the last 3 years that I think I have some
credibility on my side.

So if U have any questions...please email me..I just am asking for a bit more
time so I can get well and I will make sure everyone has everything we agreed


"awwwwww shit!"--BulletBono :)

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