What is going on???

Asko Lammentausta ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 09:35:52 +0300 (EET DST)

On War, they combined imporatance of lyrics, feelings, passion
and rock 'n roll.
On The Joshua Tree they started the perfect pop song reinvasion.
They just came and took the first place at the world of music.
Achtung Baby, they re-invented rock/pop.
ZOOTV, something larger than life, the news exploded!
U2 had taken it's place in everyting. The public
knew that they weren't just a normal band. They were THE BAND
with perfectly crafted songs, the passion and the message.
The point when the media was afraid.
Zooropa, the media started to tell people that U2
wasn't 'hot' anymore..
The internet online camera, they had taken the net
under their control. POP, no!!! This was too big.
Worldwide propaganda, Everything you know is wrong!!
SELL-OUT?? I can't believe the news today...

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