The Cure v's U2 - a defence and update baby...

Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 14:49:53 +0800

just a belated post to the 'war' critics (pardon the pun *grins*)...
well besides missing the point, the first thing mentioned was that you
thought The Cure will win - so you must have gone through the
categories, experienced the fun and challenge of picking songs under
those rules and reached your decision *laughs* and THAT was/is the
point. The 'war' is only for fun, and a great opportunity to see what
songs and the music of another band mean to someone who experiences
music on the same kind of level as myself. I don't think Robert Smith
will cry, smudge his make-up and never record again if the Cure get
defeated - the idea is to listen to 2 great bands - and use the window
of music to glimpse a friends soul. To steal a phrase - 'it's about the
music'... notice 'war' is in inverted commas *grins* kind of gives it
away realllllly........

As for the 'battle' it will rumble at 7:30pm Perth time *grins* just
open a window, and turn down the television and listen on in...
stay tuned,

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