songs to cut, songs to add

Nikolaus Leiner ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 18:30:25 +0200

Hi folks,

Here are my thoughts about this.

Songs to cut:
Bulltet the blue sky - overplayed in my opinion, don't like the popmart
version that much
Wowy - again, overplayed, don't like it live as much as the studio version,
            popmart version didn't hit the goal. they should cut it, except
            if they would perform it like during the JT days
Mofo - was a good opening song, but wouldn't fit in during the show
Until the end of the world
New years day
If you wear that velvet dress
All I want is you

Songs to add:
ZooStation/Running to stand still - I think this would be a great segment
The fly

Songs to keep:
Please/Streets - they _must_ keep this! this was the best part of popmart
                         the most incredible segment!
Dirty day


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