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Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:43:33 PDT


 Ok so the actual gathering is today (its 6.20am as I type this), so
this is the last posting I'll ever make on this subject. Keep the "thank
christ(s)" down to a dull roar ok?

  Anyways anyone who is planning on going/interested/bored these are the
*final* details.

WHAT: Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 coverband)

WHERE: The Grand Hotel (Also known as the Cock n Bull), Ebley St, Bondi

WHEN: Between 9.20 and 9.30pm (thats the meeting time BTW......the band
will play from about 9.45pm till midnight)

  Hopefully the 7 or 8 people I emailed will show up, if they do we'll
be the group standing out the front of the pub. Should be easy-ish to
spot us.

  If you decide to go please email me (and can the ppl Ive already been
in contact with email me aswell). Oh, and you can bring people if you
want........being a WIRELING isnt compulsary.

You know you want to,
P.S. Get your heads out of the mud!

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