RE: How in the heck do you get *GREAT* seats at a U2 concert???

Kimiko Percival ([email protected])
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 16:25:09 PDT

>>How did you get fantastic b-stage spots or seats in the front rows
>>at other U2 concerts?

I knew MTV and VH1 would give the # too call Ticketmaster the day before
they went on sale. So my mom sat with the phone waiting forever to get
through. We got the tickets and that was how it was done. Since we
didn't get to the concert as early as I wanted to we didn't get to stand
on the floor by the b-stage and since most of you wirelings are super
tall I had to stand on a chair! just to see over you all. I hate being
But yeah that is how I got tickets by the b-stage. Than the next day I
went to get 2 more tickets for someone and they did that lotto thing to
see where you stand in line and WOO HOO I got 3 place in line (how many
wirelings were at the Tacoma Mall payless that day?) so the person I got
the tickets for got great floor seats too.
damnit I'm running late!

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