RE: Worst Popmart moment!

[email protected]
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 23:57:44 EDT

My worst Popmart moment almost gave me an ulcer!! The tickets for the July
1st show in Foxboro were a graduation gift from my daddy...and my mom's grad
gift to me was a plane ticket to fly my best friend who had moved to Arizona
and never been to a concert in her life into Logan airport the day of the
concert. Sounds great so far, right? WRONG!! Turns out the only flight she
could get flew her in by 6:30...which I could have delt with even though I had
plans to hang at Foxboro stadium for the majority of the day...but her plane
was delayed and she didn't end up arriving until 7:40!!!!! The whole time I
was pacing back and forth, my brother almost slapping me to make me stop!!
She finally arrived and it was a good thing I told her to only bring carry-on
luggage, cuz luggage or not we were out the airport door the second I saw her
walking off the plane! So we were on our way by 8. My experienced Boston
Masshole of a brother behind the wheel and me, as nervous as Hitler on D-Day!
So, despite all the U2-caused traffic, we made it there by 9. My brother
dropped us off and we ran through the gates searching for our seats, stopping
long enough only to buy that cool t-shirt with bad-ass Bono on the front side
and kung-fu Edge on the back. So to make a long story short (TOO LATE :) we
sat down at our seats by 9:15 just 5 minutes before we heard Pop Muziq over
the speakers! PHEW!!!! BUt of course, it was all worth it! Thanks for your


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