Re: 1/1/90....again

Chris Wolf ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 01:45:42 -0400


>ummm im asking again i didnt get any reply before
>i must have the new years day show on video
>& i know that its exsist because i read somewhere that it was broadcast all
>around the world
>& at the start of the concert the announcer say that they have been join by
>so please i must have a copy
> bye Rotem

        Well, to my knowledge, yes, this concert was broadcast to many places
around the world.....but on FM Radio only. The show was originally planned
to be on TV, but plans fell through at the last minute and it was broadcast
live on the radio only instead to almost everywhere in Europe and other
places but NOT the United States. However, I *think* a video of this show
does exist SOMEWHERE. But I have NEVER been able to come across it, and
trust me....I've looked pretty hard:-) Good luck to you!

POP*for Nittany Lions,
-Chris Wolf

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