U2 at Dodger Stadium in LA, CA

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 00:24:36 PDT

I went to a Dodger's baseball game with the family tonight, and ALL I
kept thinkin' about was U2 playin' there. While the Dodgers were
kickin' Arizona's ass, I was just daydreaming, picturing that massive
ZooTV set towering over me. aaaaaaahhh... It sounds so lovely. I wish
SO damn badly that I could have been there. However, I'm REAL excited,
because I found a video store that has U2 LIVE From Dodger Stadium, in,
like, '92 I think. I'm gonna rent it and TAPE it, baby! Yeah!

ALSO, this has no U2 content, but... oh well. DEAL WITH IT! Some guy
came out on the field tonight, waving a Dodger flag. He was doin' some
funky, freakin' dance and TOTALLY interrupted the game. It was so
funny!!! All the players stopped, and everyone was cheerin' for him.
Then security guys came out, surrounded him, and he tried to dodge `em!
They knocked him down and CUFFED him! *hehe* It was wild!

THEN, on our way home, I was tellin' my parents, "Know what? When I get
married, right after the reception.... I'm goin' to a U2 concert!" I
saw that when I was in a bookstore the other day. I was checkin' out a
book called U2 Live, or somethin' like that. It's on ALL their concerts
before Popmart! Awesome. Anyway, some couple went to a concert still
in the tux and wedding dress. They were pulled up on stage and
everything!!! Well... THAT'S my plan! I'm gonna get married, have a
lovely reception, and head on off with my honey bunny to a U2 concert.
We'll sit in front, and get up on stage and dance with Bono! My
stepdad's lame ass responce was, "Yeah, sure. if you're *still* even
into U2 then!" I said, "Whaaaaaat?!? This isn't a little FLING or a
QUICKIE! Why do you always say that? I'll always be into them."
Whatta dork. I'll ALWAYS stinkin' love U2. Then my mom said, "How do
you know they'll even be touring?? They'll probably be in wheelchairs
by then." NOOOOOOOO WAY! If the Stones can keep on truckin', then by
golly, U2 CAN, TOO! And they'll be there for my wedding. :)

Sorry for my ramblin', y'all. I'm typing and I CAN'T SHUT UP!


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