Re: Mexico Video Release Question

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 10:30:00 -0700

J wrote:
> 1) When is the rumored video to be released?
> 2) The rumor has been going on about a DVD release. Is there any
> chance of a laserdics release for the less pirvileged fans who can't
> afford DVD players?
> Thanks,
> J
> The release date posted was September, I think the 28th.
I'm not going back into the Wire Archives right now to
verify the day. I'm too lazy. It could change though.
Release dates do all the time. I suspect they'll be releasing
it about the same time as Entrophy. The tie-in with the film
of a film being made of one of their shows is just to good
to pass up I bet. I've read it's video and DVD. I haven't
heard laserdisc mentioned.


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