Re: Additions, subtractions to the setlist for the next tour

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Sat, 25 Jul 1998 14:59:13 -0400

Hey, Wire!!

I agree with C.J. totally when he/she says that U2 should add Acrobat to
their setlist for the next tour. This song would be just incredible live. I
*love* it. To hear "And don't let the bastards grind you down" live would
be awesome. That lyric has given me so much strength in the past, I would
love to hear it live. (And, yes, I know that the line is from the book the
"Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret, please no emails to tell me it
is not an original Bono lyric!! ;o)

And So Cruel would be great to hear also. Stay and Zooropa, too. Why don't
they play anything off of Zooropa?? That Lemon remix in Popmart really
doesn't count as playing a song from Zooropa, IMHO.
They can't lose One, it is a beautiful, moving song, my personal favorite.
Pride is also so wonderful live. So is Streets....and HMTMKMKM rocked along
with Mysterious Ways. Speaking as a woman, I LOVE Mysterious Ways, hope
that one stays!

They have so many great songs from so many albums that many I would really
love to hear live. Oh, AND Gloria, how could I forget that
one?......YES!!! Would I love to hear that one live!! I will weep if I
ever hear Gloria live.....yeah. Oh, hell, why don't they just play them
all!! Or take requests!!!! Just play the song title that they hear coming
loudest from the crowd, majority rules!!

We all have our own personal dream U2 concert setlist, and they are as
different as the people that love U2. They'll never please all the people
all the time. Anyhow, no matter what they decide to put on the setlist next
tour, we're gonna love it, cause it's what we want....... and that is U2

Faith, hope and LOVE,

Di (Gloria2)

"To take the cup, to fill it up, to drink it slow, can't let you go
And I must be an acrobat, to talk like this and act like that
And you can dream, so dream out loud....
.....and don't let the bastards grind you down."


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