Re: reflections on social consciousness

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Sat, 25 Jul 1998 20:06:39 EDT

I can understand your questioning and wonderment over what u2 has become since
you got into them in 84, but i am not sure that it was the same thing that
drew me to them. They "hit" me a year ago, in the first year of
a time of confusion, spiritually, mentally. To me their tours and albums in
the 90's put the confusion in music, word and theater...they seem to struggle
with the same things I do on a larger scale...YES finally a group that can
identify with these things" I thought. I'll admit later on I became intrigued
with their activism as well...I think the reason why a more ironic, maybe less
visually ANGRY u2 can still have the impact on the 90's that they have had is
because this decade has become very cynical, very alert to "MESSAGES" I know
I was...I doubt that if U2 was still writing songs as obvious as SBS or doing
tours waving a "white flag", that I would have been interested in them..NOW I
would, but being a u2 fan has really influenced the way I view the world and
its people..its made me alot less cynical..
     Nonetheless, I wonder if this is part of the reason U2 changed. I
consider u2 a "message band" and when times change and problems change, if you
want people to hear you, you need to consider new ideas as well. I personally
love how they have adapted industrial and techno into their own style.. but
that might just be my personal music taste. No U2 are not the same band they
were in the 80's...just like I'm not the same person i was 8 yrs ago, but even
on the 10th album they managed to make intense, personal, vital music that
changed this 19 year olds world.

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