Another WIREling death? Are you out there, Chuck..?

Jonathan Early ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:38:50 PDT

Hopefully, this is just a mistake of some sort, appearing in Tuesday's
digest. A *big* mistake...


What intrigues me is that since the posting of this msg on TUE, I have
yet to find any response to this subject. Unless I am mistaken, the msg
implies that Chuck Anderson, "the" U.S. office of the Zooropean U2
Magazine, had passed away. It makes me ill to even post this msg to
Wire, knowing that I could be totally wrong (I can only hope) about
Chuck. But I also understand how sad it would be if this "report" was
found to be true.

I know that there are many of you reading this (on Wire) who have met
Chuck while on the road following U2, perhaps outside the hotels in DET
and SEA. For those who didn't know, the Zooropean magazine is simply
the best "non-official" U2 magazine on the market, having ties with the
old Collectormania organization.

Can somebody PLEASE get in contact with Chuck Anderson to straighten
this out? Thus far there has been no response from him either by phone
or email. Hopefully he's just out in the field interviewing some crew



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