ANNE STUMP good trader!!!!!!!

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 20:26:30 PDT

Anne Stumpe (I hope you spell it with an e LOL) is a GREAT TRADER!!!!
I ordered Lucille from her but it turned out there was a problem
creating the CD-R's for it. So she offered me two other CD's in it's
place and then even copied Lucille on tape for me. She imediately let me
know what was going on. And didn't make up excuses and all that crap
like some people I won't mention any names but his intials are Danny
Best. Anyway Anne was very good about it all and I really apreciate her
honesty and her speed in rectifying the situation and I thought you
should all know. Hee hee. I will DEFINITELY trade with her again.

Oh yeah and i'm 19 today!!!


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