The Cure v's U2 - the results are in....

Tim Marsh ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 15:53:41 +0800

well..well...well... This was an amazing night in all definitions of the
words. And the winner was *insert Larry drum roll here* U2 BABY!!!!!!
Yes, we fell over the line, it was great fun - a lot of great music was
enjoyed and a lot of debating went on about the categories and the
judging *laughs* oh and there was a lot of alcohol consumed - use your
own judgment as to if this affected the voting *grins*. Anyway U2 took
out 11 categories, lost 9 and drew in 3 - the way it was voted was each
song in the category received a vote out of 5 (i.e.: 5 being the
highest). A lot of people showed up - some U2 fans, some indifferent,
and some Cure fans - everyone got right into it and with all the
opinions flying around the judge ended up giving close scores most of
the time. And yes there was some CHEATING *laughs* not by me though...
The Cure fan pulled out a remix to down us in the techno category - well
i had to let them have half a chance *grins* and a remix for ridiculous
to knock off Miami.. DOH! also i should have gone with SBS or Bullet
rather than a personal choice for anger release and we would have picked
that up - but here are the categories and weather U2 won lost and the

1) 'throwaway' song : LEMON v's CLUB AMERICA - WIN 4 to 3.5
2) techno song : MOFO v's The 13th (remix - DOH!) - LOST 4 to 4.5
3) ridiculous song: MIAMI v's WRONG NUMBER - remix (cheat *grins*) LOST
- 3 to 3.5
4) Sexiest song: (ok.. i went with wire) VELVET DRESS v's LULLABY - WON
- 4.5 to 4
5) suicidal song LOVE IS BLINDNESS v's TREASURE - TIED on 3
6) Best Pop song: REAL THING v's WHY CANT I BE YOU - LOST - 3.5 to 4.5
7) 'pull at the heart strings': ONE v's PICTURES OF YOU - WON - 5 to 4.5
8) best love song: ALL I WANT IS YOU v's JUST LIKE HEAVEN - WON - 5 to
9) best worst song: WANDERER v's LOVE CATS - LOST 4.5 to 5 (some
confusion here)
10) best single: WITH OR WITHOUT YOU v's NEVER ENOUGH - WON 5 to 4
11) under-rated song: ULTRAVIOLET v's DISINTEGRATION - TIED on 2
12) 'easy listening' song: ANGEL OF HARLEM v's CATCH - LOST 4 to 4.5
13) best B side: SLOW DANCING v's LETS GO TO BED (originally a B-side -
slight cheating me thinks *grins* ah well) LOST 4 to 3.5
14) best teen anthem: LOOKING v's IN BETWEEN DAYS - WON - 4.5 to 4
15) best instrumental - ROWENA'S THEME (ok my turn to cheat *laughs* v's
TRUST - TIED on 4 each - hey when in Rome.....
16) weirdest song: ELVIS ATE... v's THE 13th - LOST 3.5 to 4
17) vocal performance: BAD (live) v's BURN - WON 3.5 to 3
18) catchy tune: DESIRE (another change here) v's FASCINATION STREET -
WON 4.5 to 3.5 - ahhhh so easy this one y'all - everyone sang this
one...three bars in...
19) 'anger release': END OF THE WORLD v's SHIVER AND SHAKE - LOST 2.5 to
20) sing-a-long to: PRIDE v's FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE - TIED on 4 - and a lot
of singing.
21) slowly builds: STREETS v's WANT - WON 5 to 4 - tooooooo easy here...

22) saddest: RUNNING versus UNTITLED - 4.5 to 5.

ok there it was - and a last minute category emerged - BEST LYRIC so i
pulled out SO CRUEL (as it's easy to hear the lyrics and strong) which
WON against THIS IS A LIE - 4.5 to 4 - the judges read the lyrics out
several times to get the result - no contest *grins*
so points wise U2 fell over the line - 88 to 86.5 but with all the
debating (there were about nine people involved, not including the
combatants who hide in a room as the decisions were made) So all in all
- a great night, great music, great bands, and WE won *laughs* but me
thinks Robert Smith will not weep tooo long over this and get this the
Cure fans brother has challenged me so look out for INXS versus U2.....
take care
tim... still standing.......... bring on Hutch....

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