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New/Re-release : Orange CD, Propaganda remixes July 28,1998.
(Please note, this is an official release. I've seen the release notes for it at
HMV Canada. The Canadian price(gasp!) is $56.99)
CONFIRMED: U2 "POPMart" DVD/VHS October 13, 1998 NA/
September 28, 1998 EUR. (confirmed through MuchMusic, HMV, two separate
other sources)
RUMOUR : U2 New Album(Title To Be Announced) late 1998/early 1999
(Please note that this is *NOT* the "Rather Go Blind" rumour)

RUMOUR: Bono to join B.B. King onstage July 27th, Dublin, Ireland
RUMOUR: U2 at Flaming Lips Concert Experience, date to be announced.

Television/Radio Events:
VH1: Is working on a U2 special. Airdate TBA.

Net Events:
The U2-Internet Amnesty International Fundraiser site is
Vote for U2 at DotMusic's Top Albums of All Time (AB is #3, JT is #16)
Vote for U2 under "Juiciest Boy Group" at
(Don't ask me...I didn't make up the category name...)

Fan Club/WIRE/U2 nutzoid meetings:
WIRE Gathering, Toronto, Canada, July 25th, 5:00pm.
Email [email protected] for more information.
(Barry will not have netaccess after the 17th. You can reach him at
(416) 233-9955 after the 17th)
Lemon-Aid: A U2 Summer Cookout, August 22, Fall River,
Massachusetts. Email [email protected] for more information
A SORT OF HOMECOMING, August 28-30, Las Vegas, NV
Email [email protected] for more information.
Wire Gathering in Kansas, September.
Email [email protected] for more information. You can also check out

NEWS dates:
Bono kicked out of pub added July 25
Poll report added July 25
Swedish "Reader's Digest" added July 25
Simpsons/U2 nominated for an EMMY award added July 25
U2/Kilkenny on E! added July 25
Nanci Griffith Article added July 24
Jeremy Davies joins cast of "Million Dollar Hotel" added July 23
Polygram Shares down again added July 22
David Mallet produced CATS video added July 21
Live to Webcast just like U2 did added July 21
Zoonation New Album article added July 21
New probe in "Bloody Sunday" incident of 1972 added July 20
Bono/Ali World Cup pic added July 20
More on Rushdie's next novel and expected album added July 20
Odd story with a brief U2 reference added July 20
Polygram troubles added July 20
80's music article/An Irishman's Diary added July 20
An open apology to WIRE -- I screwed up bigtime...sorry. added July 19
U2 on CNN added July 19
Bono & Ali in People Magazine added July 19
Chris Blackwell & his new Label added July 19
>From Muzic.com :

>From the you're a hero everywhere but your own home town department:
We know it's hard to believe, but the PA Newservice reports that U2's Bono has
been banned from a pub in Dublin. Reportedly the singer and his wife Ali had
stopped for drinks after a bike ride, but the establishment wouldn't serve him. In
fact, they reportedly went so far as to ask him to leave because of his scruffy
appearance. When queried later the pub manager, explained that the pub has
strict dress code -- and that it applies to all. To his credit, the singer didn't
pull the "Do you know who I am?" routine. But it probably wouldn't have mattered
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Well, aside from the fact that 28% of you are perverts, I think the poll speaks
for itself -- so at some point in the future I will include ads on this page.

This week's poll question will be: "New industry rules for Single releases now
limit the amount of music to 20 minutes(down from 40). This will clearly
hurt the number of B-sides that U2 has been releasing. Do you feel you are
less likely to buy a Single release if it only has one B-side?"
The Swedish version of "Reader's Digest"(another of Homer's fav'rit books...)
is doing an article on U2 and the PopMart tour. No word on when it will
be published...

Thanks to Marleen for this information.
The Simpson's episode "Trash of the Titans" was nominated for an EMMY
award(U.S. TV awards). The nominees in the category are:

Cow and Chicken "Free Inside, Journey to The Center of The Cow"
Dexter's Laboratory "Dyno-might & Lab-retto"
King of the Hill "Texas City Twister"
The Simpson's "Trash of the Titans"
South Park "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride"

(Prarit's note: Before anyone asks, NO, I did not make up any of the titles.)
U2 appeared on E!'s Gossip Show this weekend. The discussion pertained to
U2 and OJ Kilkenny's "break-up". It will be re-run throughout the weekend.
There's an article on Nanci Griffith in today's Irish Times. It can be found at
the address below. The U2 related part is quoted below:


    Nanci readily admits that her fame in the United States "really
    took off" that same year when U2 told Rolling Stone she was
    one of their favourite artists - which probably makes it all the
    more fitting that U2's bassist, Adam Clayton, and drummer
    Larry Mullen Junior would later play on her album Flyer.
    That album also featured The Chieftains and was largely
    composed during what Griffith describes as "a pivotal period"
    in her life, during the mid 1990s, when she was living in
(Prarit's note: I think the most important thing written in this article is that
filming is due to start in January 1999)

>From CNN:

Jeremy Davies joins cast of 'Million Dollar Hotel'
By Chris Petrikin

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Jeremy Davies, the young actor who has
a featured role in Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan,"
is set to star opposite Milla Jovovich in Wim Wenders' "Million
Dollar Hotel."

The $8 million picture -- based on a story by U2 frontman
Bono and scripted by Nicholas Klein -- begins filming in January
in Los Angeles.

The story opens when a billionaire's son dies in a skid row
hotel, and a federal agent turns the lives of the miscreant
residents -- of which Davies Jovovich are standouts -- upside
down during his investigation.

Davies recently wrapped roles in Fox 2000's "Ravenous,"
starring Robert Carlyle ("The Full Monty") and Nick
Stagliano's "The Florentine."

His other credits include "Going All the Way," "Spanking
the Monkey" and "Up at the Villa," currently filming in
Italy. Reuters/Variety
Condensed from CNN:

Focus-PolyGram Reuters 22-JUL-98

AMSTERDAM, July 22 (Reuters)- The third album from teenage band Hanson
and the re-release of Grease could not halt the slide at music and film group
PolyGram, which on Wednesday announced an 84 percent fall in second quarter

Net profit dropped to 23 million guilders ($11.4 million) from 148 million a year
earlier, a figure at the bottom end of analysts' forecast range of zero to 90
million guilders and below consensus at 53 million.

Revolutionizing Broadway and Home Video Forever, PolyGram Video Will
Release the most Popular Broadway Musical In...

Entertainment Wire

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--July 21, 1998-- Filmed
Specifically for Home Video Cats Famous Felines Part Of Multi-Million Dollar
Filmed Production With Multiple Cameras, Surround Sound

The production took 18 days, a crew of more than 200 and a custom designed
set at London's famed Adelphi Theater. The program was filmed on Super 16
stock film for superior visual quality. The set included 16 camera positions with
multiple angles each, stereo surround sound, and all new lighting. All these
elements combined to provide sensational visual and audio production values
that give viewers an on-stage theatrical experience like no other. The program
was directed by famed director, David Mallet, whose previous work includes
Lord of the Dance and U2-Zoo TV Live From Sydney. Featuring an all-star
cast loaded with original CATS members,...CATS will be available in
clamshell packaging at the suggested retail price of $24.95.
>From MTV news:

Live To Webcast Recording of New Album
Ed Kowalczyk
A little over a month after playing three new songs during an appearance
at this year's Tibetan Freedom Concert, Live headed into a Los Angeles
studio over the weekend to begin work on its fourth album.
The York, Pennsylvania, group plans to reach out to fans via the
internet while recording the new album, and has installed a remote
camera in the studio that began broadcasting live images and audio
Fans can tune in to the around-the-clock studio feed of Live working on
the record, the follow-up to 1997's "Secret Samadhi," at the group's
official website at www.friendsoflive.com
<http://www.friendsoflive.com>. Live hopes to have the new album out by
the middle of next year.
U2 was the first major act to webcast an audio and video feed of a band
recording an album when it placed a camera in its studio during the
making of 1997's "Pop."
(Prarit's note: None of the below should be taken as FACT. As always, it
should be considered a rumour...)

New U2 'project' rumored again
by Doug Martin for Zoonation.com

According to unconfirmed reports, U2 are in the studio playing with ideas and
recording raw sounds for their follow-up to the Pop album. This information,
exclusive to Zoonation, comes from a source supposedly "near the studio".
U2's publicists, as of this writing, could not give me further information and
had no knowledge of this story.

The new project, called 'Drive' by the band, has U2 in the studio creating new
material. This material is very raw and even the band doesn't know what
direction it will take. However, the current direction is said to be a mixture
between songs on the War album and on The Unforgettable Fire.

The meaning behind the project title is unknown but it is doubtful that it has
anything to do with the REM song of the same name .

Although the direction of the album is still uncertain and slowly developing,
it has become apparent that it will not be along the technology driven lines of
Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and POP.

According to our source, Polygram wants the album in their hands by late
September/early October so a Christmas release would be possible.

The band is not working with this timeline, however, and expect the album
to be done by Christmas, although unforseen complications have become a
common part of U2's recording process.

This supports previous rumors of new tracks studio work. Further details
will be printed here as we get them.


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