My friends are gettin' into U2 and THE Bono-look-alike

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 13:39:07 PDT


I was out and about last night, and since I was driving ...again... I
was in charge of the music! AAAAAALL RIGHT! Well, I loaded up 4 U2
CDs, a Tori Amos, and a Toad the Wet Sprocket CD. I didn't think my
friends would want to listen to U2, since it's *always* on in my room
and in my car when they're around, so I didn't push it. I asked them,
"What shall we listen to???" One gal in the backseat shouted, "U2!"
Then one of my friends said, "OOOH! Ya got that End of the World song
in here?" I screeched, "YES!" and put that sucka on! And since it was
a long and winding road, I couldn't concentrate on controlling the
stereo. I'm already a crazy driver, and we probably woulda crashed, so
I left it up to my friend in the passanger seat. THEN, she went ahead
and put it on ONE! Yes, my friend (not ME) was the one who wanted to
play U2! It was a lovely change!

When we got to where we were headed, I saw some guy wearing a red shirt
that said SBS. WHOA! But much to my disappointment, SBS stood for a
boarding company. Oh well. I still thought it was pretty cool, though!

I was the only sober one on the way home. So... I had a bunch of drunk
chicks in my backseat gettin' down to Mysterious Ways! It was a kick in
the pants! So funny! This one girl, Elizabeth, ain't really into U2,
but she was singin' "IT'S ALRIGHT! IT'S ALRIGHT!" like she was their
biggest fan. It was awesome!

It was a fun night! But no Bono-look-alikes were there. Whatta bummer!


P.S. Member when I posted that I found a Bono-look-alike???? WELL,
honey child, LET ME TEEEEEELL YOU! His band is playing tooooonight!
WOOOOOOOOOO HOO! And I'm goin'.... :)

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