Amnesty International eBay Auction Details

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:08:05 -0400

OOps- I should tell you this, too- some of you don't know it! I will pay
all listing fees to eBay out of my own pocket. Here's what we're doing-

1. I am putting in the title of each of our items " to benefit AI" so you
know which ones are ours. If you've never done eBay, all you have to do
its put "U2" in the little "search" box, and it will list all the U2 stuff
that anyone is offering. Ours mention "to benefit AI" in the title, and
direct people to the fundraiser web page in the description.

2. Items will be listed for 7 days. eBay *does* email you when you've been
outbid. Bidding ends after 7 days.

3. I am putting these items in the "private" category - you can bid in
privacy, and nobody else knows who the bidders are. Only the seller and
the high bidder are contacted after the auction.

5. Go to to register as a bidder - it will cost you nothing to
register, and you can read all about how ebay does things while you're
there; it's very easy to bid on items!

 Questions? email me!


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