Collectors: where to find AB vinyl and JT tourbook for LESS

Big Daddy Cool ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 22:08:10 -0400 (EDT)

   After exhaustive searching and help from you, the concerned consumenr,
I have this to report:

   stop wasting your money. If you are looking for the elusive AB on 12"
vinyl: goto Interactive Musci and Video Search Inc., or (I think, use Yahoo to find them). They have a wide
selection of U2 vinyl, and my total with S&H was about $25, which is not
great, but better than some other merchants I've seen. My onlyu concern:
my copy had a black insert with the lyrics, but had a plain white recod
sleeve. Was this how theye were packages, or was there some other, more
decorative inner sleeve. If you own AB vinyl, let me know.

   As for the JT tourbook, it's $9.99 at MIDNIGHT RECORDS in my hometown,
NYC. They have a website (http://www.midnight, and that's
how I ordered it. Mint condition, and an incredible read with stunning
photos. Get it.

   So save your money for more difficult to find items at EBay and here on
Wire, and buy your shot AFTER you've exhausted your options out there in
the big world. I've found Zooropa and Passengers on vinyl in various
internet record stopres for about $10, so it's worth the effort.

   Pax Romana,


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