Mike Langley ([email protected])
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:48:07 PDT

Joel Tanner writes:
<<Where is the U2 Mall? Whats the URL?>>
    Joel, why are you asking this? I'm confused now... You're the guy
who "owns" the domain name as well as Since
I've joined Wire I've received spam from people asking me to buy their
bootlegs. Now this "U2Mall" fills Wire and my mailboxes with adverts
about a website that's not even up yet. No respectable website/business
would do such spamming. When your site is up then I can understand
announcing a new U2 site to Wire, but you don't send email to hundreds
of people. If this is a different U2Mall please clear that up or this is
what I'll do.

If I get one more email in one of my mailboxes about this U2mall crap
then I will sign your address and phone number (yes I have this
information) to as many junk email, telemarketing companies etc that I
can. (Believe me this will be a huge pain for you.) This is how I deal
with bad traders/sellers, and I think it'd be suitable for spammers as

Please tell me if this is a different "U2Mall" Joel, to clear up any
misinformation. I probably should've sent this to you privately Joel,
because I want everyone on Wire to know whats going on. If I remember
correctly there was a lot of people upset with you last year when started. I can't remember what it was about... I think
you were asking for money or something... Again tell me if this is a
different U2Mall.

Michael Langley
AP Technologies

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