How in the heck do you get *GREAT* seats at a U2 concert???

Dominique Doyle ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:17:03 +1000

The Sydney Popmart was my first experience of U2 live. We bought tickets
through Ticketek Australia. When we arrived we were a far as possible away
from the stage (they were even selling disposable binoculars).

The disappointment was devistating................and so we made an attempt
to get through security. After watching others attempt and fail ahead of
us, we decided to split up and go in as individuals.

It was miraculous, we were just waved through without a question! We made
it all the way to B stage where the crowd was only 3 deep. Within about 10
minutes this had increased to about 20 deep. My friend and I both couldn't
believe our luck - it was almost spiritual. We had bought the cheapest
tickets ($90 Australian), but had the best 'seats' in the house. Of course
the place rocked for the rest of the night (especially with all the rain to
cool us down).

At the time I did not know of Wire's existence, but I guess I must have
been around all the Wirelings. Next time I won't risk it, I will pay the
extra to guarantee our seating and will also make sure we are armed with
Wire tags.


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