OK here is my debate for the day U2's Last Night on Earth

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Mon, 27 Jul 1998 04:54:02 EDT

I had this contest. Some people won some cool Cds anyway one question was what
Bono says in the intro of "Last night On Earth" in the U2 archive lyrics they
have this posted
As the fuel goes down
Stops the car
Puts her feet outside in the rain
She's back on the machine
But it's sweet so far away
but they are just a bunch of people guessing just like me. Long ago i read a
post of my answer:
 "What the fear cause died.
Slaps cars.
Cause it feels like a bridge.
Shes back on the scene.
Bittersweet so far."
Now i could agree with
 "What the fear cause died.
Stops cars.
Cause it feels like a bridge. (no way feet in the rain deal)
Shes back on the scene. (or maybe "machine" maybe "street")
Bittersweet so far."
But this Puts her feet outside in the rain?? noway too long!!!!
OK here is the deal for all you "U2 Experts" if you can prove anything else
that Bono says in the Intro to "Last Night On Earth" On POP I will send you a

Bono makes everyhting so interesting!!
"I went looking so much to see I went looking. I went looking for spirit and I
found alchohol. I went looking for soul and I bought some style. I WANTED TO
MEET GOD! to sell me some religion......" Bono LNOE

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