Re: Don't Kill the Messenger; But Spice Girls Beat Another U2 Record LOL

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 07:41:47 -0700

Deseree Stukes wrote:
> Spice Girls Forever
> And they've also hit another record. At their show in Orlando, Florida,
> earlier this month (JUL98) the sound level reached an amazing 110
> decibels, beating the record held by the ROLLING STONES and U2.

Oh course they're louder, have you ever heard 50,000 seven year old
girls screeching at the top of their voices for 2 hours?
I'm suprised it reached only 110. The little darlings will probably
have premanent ear damage:p
U2's fan's voices changed years ago, they just can't compete in the
loudness area.


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