U2 on Peruvian Edition of Reader's Digest and "worst" Popmart mo

Mary Kobayashi ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 16:14:40 -0500

Just reading Prarit's U2news today on Wire, I remembered that I had
forgotten to post that on the Peruvian edition (which I guess is the
same as in all the Spanish-speaking countries) of Reader's Digest,
July 1998, there is an article about Popmart, titled "De Gira con U2"
(that's "On tour with U2"), by Paul Raffaele. It's about 7 pages
long, and it contains 3 pics (Bono onstage, performing Mofo under
the arch -one page-; Bono on the muscle t-shirt -small one, inserted
on the left corner of the page-, and Adam in Poptart gear -similar
to the one described before).If anyone wants me to translate it, I
will, but give me some time to get it done, ok? ;)

Anyway, on the other topic of my subject..
The "worst" Popmart moment was trying to go back to the hotel where I
was staying on Santiago de Chile. I actually had transportation
(because I had taken a package from a travel agency), but as the
other people were taking really, really long to get out of the
stadium, a friend (new friend I had met that day) and me decided to
go and take a cab.

Wrong move! We didn't find any empty cab (it was round 12:30 am at
the time more or less), though we walked through the surroundings (of
a city I don't happen to know so well yet, though it was my 3rd time
in there). After walking about 10-15 blocks, we happen to stop one
empty cab... it was a small miracle, but we were really happy to take

All the way through this adventure I was carrying all my U2 goodies
(my nice new friend helped me with some things, if not, I surely
wouldn't have made it), which made the search for a cab even

Well, I think that's all by now (back to lurking again)

Love to all Wirelings of the world,
The Peruvian Babyfly,


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