Re: Love Is Blindness. I don't wanna hear.....

Mike ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:51:13 -0400

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> Know what I was thinkin' this afternoon? I was thinkin', "Why in the
> world did U2 play Love Is Blindness at the end of many ZooTV
> concerts?!?" Yes, they played Unchained Melody after that, but...
> STILL! If I were at that ZooTV show, I would want a happier song with a
> faster pace to end the concert. If I was in that audience, I would have
> been bawlin'! I'd be sobbing and thinkin', "This night! This night
> that I've been waiting for, for SO long.... it's almost over. This
> night that I've bragged about forever, tellin' everyone, `I'm seein' U2
> in concert!!!'..... it's all gone now. It went so fast. Life goes too
> fast. I'll be dead soon! And this song. Love Is Blindness. How sad!
> This all is just one huge, sad moment. Oh God! This is terrible."
> That's what I'd be thinkin'. Love Is Blindness is a truly wonderful,
> deep song, with total FEELING.... but to me, it's a tear jerker.
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I think U2 have ended all their concerts with slow songs...i think they do this to keep people calm, and not from going nuts on the street and vandalizing people's
stores and stuff. Have you ever heard of a riot after a U2 concert? I haven't....

I also think its a tradition that the band has, like how Bono always pulls a girl on stage and dances with her...

Just my 2 cents..


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