daily tally / auction stuff - PLEASE READ!

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:48:36 -0400

 Received today-

-Achtung Gaucho U2 Fans Club - $10.00 (and a very cool fanzine written in
Argentinian! These people have it together - they are not even fooling
around! :-) right down to the address labels and the stationery and the
'Achtung Gaucho' Edge sticker where the stamp would normally be! Amazing! :)

- Hannah Chismar - $10.00 (thanks for the stamps! That's cool!)

-Anne Stumpe - $20.00 (thanks, Anne!!)

- [email protected] - $26.00 (Nice address label!! Thanks again and again! :)


 ****AUCTION ITEMS*** PLEASE READ******************

   First of all, I'm begging you - please, please DO NOT send ME any
auction stuff. If we spoke thru email, and I agreed to run your item on
eBay, I *still* want *you* to hold onto it! Here's why - if I run your item
on ebay and it DOESN'T sell (this is possible!), then I have to pay money
out of my own pocket to send it back to you. I don't want to! And then I
have to find some time to get to the post office!- I don't want to! If it
does sell, I want YOU to send it directly to the highest bidder, once that
is determined.

  From this moment on, if you send me unsolicited auction stuff, and I
can't get rid of it on ebay, I'M KEEPING IT! It's that simple. I cannot
emphasize this enough - don't send me anything except MONEY. Money is good
- send all of that you like - but I am starting to feel like I am running a
big ol' yard sale! :) Got it? GOOD!

 One reminder- I am no longer accepting items for auction unless they are
extraordinary. Email me to discuss the possible extraoridanariness of your
item! :)


 Speaking of auctions- last week's items raised $102.50! Pretty good!! :)

 Okay- I'm going to go lay down...


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