Re: Bono, the chameleon of the 90's

J ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:56:56 -0700 (PDT)

I still can't see the validity of what Rob is trying to convey, even
1%. First off is the Village People look alike accusation. It only
happened in the end of the damn video and U2 never even used that in
their concerts. I think it would be more valid to accuse them of
using the persona of an angel (IGWSHA, and Stay). What about the era
Rob is fixated in, the JT Era, didn't U2 try to have the persona of
some do-gooder saints?

As for Rob's talking about Bono's boxer/rapper thing in Popmart, I
still see this claim doumbfounded. Firstly, he doesn't even use the
boxer thing in any song (unlike The Fly or MacPhisto who actually
"sang" some songs). All Bono does is box the air in his entrance.
Even Bono himself said that no more personas in POpmart and he was
right. Did he talk outside his normal self with a different tone and
accent like Macphisto did? I don't think so. Speaking of a "hooded
rapper" where does Bono rap in Popmart? I think Rob is imagining
things. Hooded boxer is more like it because Boxers have a robe and
are hooded.

As for Rob's point that U2 lack originality, that is just total
bullshit. Who made the Fly? Who made MAcPhisto? Did U2 copy it? I
don't think so. As far as I can remember, U2 is the first band to
actually be playing personas in concerts (ZOO TV, NOT Popmart) and
this was a very innovative idea. It was crystal clear that U2 was
using characters in Zoo TV and this was not a chameleon since U2
didn't hide anything. The boxer is NOT a character.

As for their music videos, it is precisely why we call it a music
video because the band does some "acting" so they play different
roles. I am pretty sure U2 asked permission from the Village people
to do that Discotheque thing. Speaking of rehash Rob, what has U2
rehashed? All they rehashed was the Village People and they didn't
even copy it in the sense that they just did a parody. If you want to
talk about rehash, U2 did it in your favorite JT Tour era, Rob. They
did their rehash in teh Dalton Brothers persona they took because many
a band have tried opening for themselves prior to U2. The Discotheque
rehash just lasted for the last thirty seconds of the video. Well,
you can continue to mumble and grumble and be grumpy about that while
the rest of us Wirelings would rather indulge ourselves with U2's
music rather than fixating ourselves to a 30 second U2 appearance as
the Village people...



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