Bono the chameleon/U2 set list

rob okorn ([email protected])
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:42:35 PDT

It seems a couple of people have short terms memory cramps, my post from
a couple of days went into gret detail about the 80's blatant U2 images
and their holier than thou image and the calculated efforts that year.
So on both counts, you guys simply write whaever is convenient and
intentionally omitted my posts about the 80's image machine.
J missed the fact Macphisto is rehash, the 6 inch heels, Bowie-esque
makeup and glam rock glittery jacket are straight from glam rock, and
not surprisingly Bono was a fan of Bowie's 70's glam rock so that's
where he ripped that off from, pretty cut and dry. As usual, j misses
that obvious one and tries to dismiss all the 90's U2 image as 'only 30
seconds in the Discotheque' video. Either your blind or oblivious to
the obvious. It's calculated to the nth degree.
Dalton Brothers was an unpublicized prank that happened on 2 occasions,
not an in your face round the clock video or image that was pervasive
for an entire leg of a tour like Machpisto or the Desire comboy schtick
and pop baggage.

It seems to me, some people are simply apologiists, everything U2 has
done since '90 is infallible. Not surprisngly these same people are the
ones missing the point, constantly juxtaposing the facts and omitting
the previous post to push their own arrogant biases. And J, as you
proved with your 'U2 are mediocre musicians' posts, your arrogance is
very deep rooted. sure Adam has limited bass skills and plays a
minimalist style, Edge does rely on alot of his ringing, plucking
techniques, but the way in which you lambasted them showed you simply
have a lack of repsect for anything. Your formula is getting
monotonous, your points rely on non-analogous comparisons, justaposing
facts, and making connections and assertions that bely logic. Your
Where the Streets Bono 'traffic cop' image, Still Haven't 'Gambler'
image, and Rattle and Hum 'actor' image was almost as bad as your myopic
definition of loosenss or spontaneity, ignoring that the quality was
implicit for the performance of the song, not some contrived
intro or jumping around.

All I'm saying is the stage antics and ciched rock poses are derivative,
you watch and can't help but think, OK some more contrived b.s. An good
indictment of that point would be Bono's comment during the 10/14/92
Houston ZooTV show, 'Bullshit, we're getting good at it'. The irony is
his flippant way of saying it was also the truth. He was basking in

As far the set list, can't U2 find the time to rehearse other songs
rather than sticking with for the most part a rigid set list. I will
Follow and New Year's Day may be familiar to everyone but there is alot
more interesting stuff to choose from, the diversity would help.
Perhaps the synchronization with the vid images is in part the culprit
but probably not since U2's set lists throughout the tours has always
remained fairly rigid. One Tree Hill was soundchecked as early as
4/25/87 yet not played til early Septemeber.

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