Marilyn Manson and other ramblings

crawford family ([email protected])
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:38:12 +0800

Marilyn Manson hell what a scary act for all us adults in the audience! But
you're right Robbie - If U2 had him/them could attract a whole new audience.
My thirteen year old thinks he's a babe! Gives me the jitters everyime I
walk into her room full of oversize posters! Scares the hell out of me- Even
Hanson look good next to him! oh well I guess its no worse than my Alice
Cooper fixation at that age!
I'd like to see Gavin Friday open in that dream concert- - Where I am Nobody
knows of his existence - even the computer data bases don't recognise the
name! -then they could market that set of beanie stars and people might
actually know who he is.

I hope we U2 fans don't become like the Elvis obsessed people of the past
years ( I can laugh because I was one!)- yes I had an Elvis mirror, wanted
my first born to be called Lisa Marie and BELIEVED that the FBI were
helping him with a new identity after informing on the Underworld- Hell how
could a grotesquely overweight, druggie die of natural causes at such a
young age!!:) - besides when I had my oojya (sp?) board at high school he
NEVER responded- therefore he COULDN't have died!

Maybe in years to come people will laugh at those of us who make it onto
those 'current affaairs shows,' as dressed as Macphisto we take the
audience on a tour of our home made theme parks and miniature U2 lands
complete with little Edges, Bonos, Larrys and Adams.

Ah well
Off to start work on 'Little Larry Land"

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