ZooTV presents: Past female openner and 2 NEW TOUR BONO personas

Yair Why? ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 03:41:53 PDT

Hey, I was reading the trash of the TiTans messages - the JT vs. POP war
between Rob Okorn and J, they both had interesting approach and all but
it seems that lately they are getting to the hardest and unpreventable
any long war has - the "WINTER" lately they'd become less sharp then
before, their writing is more "Muddy" and "Foggy" and starts to drive
through personal flaming.

I SUGGEST that the next tour will have bono performing to different

the undefeatable POPman J and the Old and wise Righteous Grampa the
Wizard of Oz- the Monk of Lhasa- the mother theresa of "looseness" - Mr
Rob Okorn- (he'd surely be singing the encores),

fuck it. sorry

about female openning acts: did'nt PJ Harvey Open for them I the

and another thing did the EDGE do the crossingf thing when he got off
the lemon in other places? it was funny!!

He did that in Tel Aviv. (that was in front of a Jewish Majority - so I
guess In Okornian terms he was "Basking in Self Indulgence" LOL ;-p)




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