Bono as the Devil

David ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:17:19 -0400

This whole thread about "Bono the chameleon" has been really interesting
though perhaps a little vicious! The thread reminded me of a little U2
incident that happened to me recently.

Our family had a couple of very religous relatives staying with us a few
weeks ago and over dinner we got into a discussion about music and religion.
One of them said that all modern music was either atheist or satanic. I
immediately mentioned that U2 were a current group that has a great deal of
faith and she said, "isn't U2 the one that dresses up as the devil in his
concerts". I tried to explain that it was satire and after all "mock the
devil and he will flee from you".

For some reason this got her really mad and she told me, in no uncertain
terms, that U2 stood for all that was evil in pop culture. I promptly ran
up to my room, grabbed my binder of U2 lyrics (printed off the net) and made
her read "Gloria", "Rejoice" and "40". Unfortuneately my second cousin is
not someone to admit defeat but let me say she was mighty quiet around me
for the remainder of the evening! Maybe not a successful conversion but at
least I corrected her misconceptions.

I guess the moral of this story (if there is one) is that despite the
positive effects of Bono the Chameleon to the music, the message or the
entertainment there is a real danger that some people will miss or
misinterpret the point and not understand Bono the Person. And I think Bono
the Person is where the real messages are coming from.

Public or private comment welcome.


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