re:celebrity death match!!!!!!

Adrian Aaron ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 13:17:43 -0700

The thing with these matches is the people usually fighting have
something in common. I suggest: Bono vs. Steve Bono (quarterback for
the 49'ners); but wait there is more. Just as the fight is getting
good, the ghost of Sonny Bono comes in and says you all stole my name or
something like that. Then a three way battle royale would insue. Our
Bono would change into his various chartacters (Fly, Mirrorball man,
McPhisto, Popmart Bono, and Joshua Tree/Rattle & Hum Bono---all would
have different powers) to fight off both Steve and Sonny. No need to
tell you who would win. If anyone has any idea what the powers would
be of the various Bonos, please email. Thanks and God Bless.-----Adrian

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