An experience to make me realize how great U2 really is.

THEFAMILY ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 17:58:20 -0500

    I saw Metallica in Milwuakee Sunday night, (as a favor to a friend, who
had nobody else to go with him). Anyway, this concert made me realize two
things. First, U2 fans are the greatest around and second, U2's music is the
greatest around (this is pretty obviuous to all of you, but it is so simple
and makes so much sense). Metallica really sucked. My friend thought they
rocked and that is cool. But, after seeing U2, nothing could ever compare.
The sound sucked and was turned up way to loud and in between songs the lead
singer couldn't stop saying the f-word. The songs generally were terrible.
the only positive was the guitar player, he can jam. Anyway, I feel very
fortunate to have found U2 and music that is similar. Sorry, if anyone is a
Mettalica fan and I'm sure you're out there, I did enjoy one song. Overall
though, it was a major disappointment. It seemed that everyone at the
concert was the same, I know they aren't but it seemed that way. It was
uncomfortably odd. It seemed like a manipulative situation to me.
       U2 fans are not really manipulatable because we are by definition
diverse and open-minded. Even though we all don't believe the same things,
we are very accepting. Wire is a great example of that. Certainly wirelings
have different ideas, and we argue, but in the end the music brings it all
back home. I could feel that same kind of bond with metallica fans. It was a
very cold atmosphere.

            Gotta go eat dinner,


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