Last day to order photos is Friday 7/31

Otto Kitsinger ([email protected])
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 17:05:05 -0700

Hi -

I will not be offering prints of my U2 photos (or any other artists I've
got) after Friday, 7/31, for at least a few months but possibly ever. I'm
about 300 emails behind and trying to catch up; I sure won't be caught up
by Friday. BUT, if you've emailed me with a properly requested order (ie,
a list of stuff; not just "i want pictures, now what?") you're in, no
matter how long it takes me to get back to you.

Wirelings can order at the old Wire prices, available at:

Please note that while I'll accept any emails with a July 31 date right up
until Midnight as getting in on time, I'm taking the wire prices down
tomorrow, Thursday, at Midnight when I do my weekly website update on one
of my other sites. Also note that the "last date" stuff everywhere at my
site says 7/27; I've extended it to the end of the month but that's really

Thank you everyone for all the fan mail, all the cool trades, and all the
kind thoughts related to losing my father. It's been very difficult (and
is part of why I won't be able to print photos anymore - new time
constraints) but all of the support helps a lot. I'll get to all emails as
fast as I can and if you've sent it, don't worry I'll get to you.

(And in answer to two popular questions: yes, the site is staying up and
yes, if I can pull this off on the next tour too, I will.)

Thanks all,


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