Def Leppard ... U2 Connection

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Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:00:04 EDT

Well, ... I have yet another U2/Def Lep connection I would like to share.

This is from U2 At the End of the World By Bill Flannagan (For those of you
who are not in the know).

Bono ... and Adam were hitchhiking in Tennessee during their Rattle and Hum
pilgrimage to Graceland and Sun Studios. A kid picked them up and had on his
car stereo an album by the pop-metal group Def Leppard, produced by South
African soundmaster Mutt Lange, Bono was knocked out by how powerful the Def
Leppard music -- which had never meant anything to him before -- sounded on a
cranked-up, bottom-heavy car system. The driver got wildly goosed when he
recognized his passengers, yanked off the Def Leppard and stuck on a U2 tape.
It didn't sound half as exciting.
"Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' to me is one of the first industrial
records." Bono says, knowing that he's picking a fight. "I haven't fully
realized the implications of that. I think we've got to make records that
sonically make more use of the technology. That's something we have yet to

Well, I wonder what Bono would say now! Hehehe!

Anyway, I also saw the Behind the Stories Interview with Def Leppard. I
enjoyed them quite a bit when I was in high school, and I have all of their
albums thru Hysteria. I didn't really realize how heavy into drugs and
alcohol they were. I guess that was my naivete. But you really have to give
them a lot of credit! Phil Colin stopped drinking and drugs almost 10 years
ago! (well that's what I got from the program -- if I am wrong let me be -- I
always had a crush on him)! And from what I got from the rest of the program
-- they were all trying.

Anyway ... enough about them.

I need more U2 ... getting weak ... must ... have ... MOOORREEE!

In the name of Sparky!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe
AKA .. Irish the Green!

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