next tour direction "blue roomy ville"

WBC ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 01:41:31 +0900

    How about a B-side, spoken word, performance art, style tour. No need
to, put forth such an effort on such a regular basis to be the "biggest and
the best" or to sing upbeat songs when one is feeling twisted or dark,
whilst touring. Open wtih something like Alex descends into hell and then
segue out into blue roomy ville all the while showing slides (family photos
as it were, no high tech) and just talking about life etc, and how whacked
out it can get. Bono could take his laptop and just scan, reading the
occasional random entry and spinning yarns about when and where it came from
and how it all relates or doesn't. This would (amongst other things) ease
the pressure of having to condense so much insanity into a single song
format, and open it up into a free form babble. All this would take place in
venues big or small but with the occasional stopover in a genuine club sized
room a la Rolling Stones.

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