Daddy's gonna help ... Mother's children

Brigitte Schlaegl ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 19:14:15 +0200

Hi Wirelings,

The Rolling Stones experience the same difficulties (regarding planning
permission) like U2 did last year in Dublin ... seems Dublin tries to
fend off as many major rock acts as possible.

Anyway, HotPress informs its readers
"If they do get the green light, expect support duties to be taken care
of by Hothouse Flowers who are currently opening for Richmond's finest
in Europe.
"We know Ronnie (Wood) from working with him on his solo album," reveals
Peter O'Toole. "John Giddings, who books them out is a friend of our
manager and Bono sent a fax which helped a lot. Friends in high places
and all that."

HHF were one of the young bands who got a helping hand by U2s label
Mother Records ten years ago ...

In the name of love

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