Daily tally/Rafael San Martin

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 05:49:20 -0400

  Received today -

- Angela Pancella - $50.00 (thanks very much!!)
- Maggie Huber - $20.00 (Thanks - and what a beautiful card! I'll put it up
in my cubicle at work! I'll contact you soon about some of the things you
- KarenB - $13.50 - (Thanks Karen! The item is on it's way soon!)

  (code to Des - the last one is auction money...and the red bird flys at
midnite...! :--) )

 Let's have a round of applause for the extremely efficient Deseree Stukes,
Web Goddess Extraordinare, and maintainer of the exceptionally beauteous
fundraiser web page! Go here to see what she's cooked up!


 Re - Rafael San Martin.

   When I received the first individual bulk mailing of his in my mailbox,
I replied demanding in no uncertain terms that he immediately remove my
name from his mailing list. Yesterday I found another email from him, same
thing, $50 mp3, yadda-yadda. Here's what I did and what you can do if you
choose- I forwarded his bulk mail to [email protected], and asked them if they
were aware of how their customer was using their service. I asked them if
they were aware that their customer was using their service to make money
off of U2's copyrighted material. I told them that I had asked him to stop
sending me this mail, and that I did not appreciate that he continues to do

    I would not have done this, had he just stopped. I asked him to, he
didn't and I am NOT playing. If his ISP gets too many complaints, he will
lose his service.


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