doris pop ([email protected])
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 17:28:41 PDT

hey y'all
not meaning to bum steer anyone but yesterday in the credible (joke) and
prestigious melbourne herald sun there was some gossip on a/the new U2
album. oh and if this is old stuff my apologies.

i am copying this word for word, title for title:

" U2

Title: Drive (tba) to be announced, i like it!!

Due: December (tba)

Brief: There's still no confirmation (key words) on exactly what U2 are
up to. There was talk of a Rattle and Hum style live and studio
assortment called 'Rather Go Blind'. The latest RUMOR is a project
called Drive, said to be a mix of War and The Unforgettable Fire with
the band steering away from their recent flirtations with technology.
"Even the band don't know what direction it will take" a U2 spokesperson
says (more likely the janitor at the herald sun offices)

Intended Market: those who found Pop flat"

so yeah....that about does me. have a top weekend everyone. i know i
won't!!. regards, hermit mcdermitt.

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