New RUMOUR (And I stress the word rumour)

Tina Darrell ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 18:06:02 +0930

Another in a series of reports from an Anonymous Source on the state of
U2's latest project.

Our anonymous "insider" has sent us more information on U2's current
studio doings. Heres the latest information. Please keep in mind that
this is all unconfirmed information and U2's publicist's have only said
"No Comment". The following is direct from the Email we received. The
email address is kept anonymous.

I've been told that Lillywhite, Eno, and Lanois have all been in the
studio and worked with U2, as of yet there is not a "true" producer,
however. Edge has also been plugging away on the soundboards and Flood
is, supposedly, not involved.

A few of the songs are taking shape and that at least one is considered
being "finished" by the band. Fortunately I was able to listen to
snippets of two songs, the titles are not set yet, even the current
names are sketchy. All I can say is that the tracks sound very
interesting, it does seem as if a whole new direction is being taken.
The music is still big but is very minimalistic. Apparently the band is
staying away from heavy aftereffects on the tracks. The themes of the
songs also are straying away from the "fidelity" and spiritual issues of
Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and POP. Lyrics that I've heard (very few)
indicate a return to the poetic and illustrative means that Bono used on
The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree albums.

If this information is correct, this all seems to be happening very
fast. Our biggest question at ZooNation is why Island hasn't geared up a
marketing campaign, a la the year preparation before the POP album.

Others at ZooNation bring up the point that maybe this information we're
receiving is the start of such a campaign. While others believe it to be
a hoax... We'll see. As always keep watching here for the latest on this

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