question about lyrical development! please help!

Jo Spurrier ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 23:14:04 +0930

G'Day, Wirelings!
How are we all? My, aren't things exciting right now, with yet ANOTHER
rumour...ah, if only - still, we must be strong...eventually we will have a
new album (it helps if you keep telling yourself me).
i am very proud to report that i have finally had enough spare (hah!) money
to get Unforgettable Fire! the only thing is that i can't find it, cos it's
buried in my car with a weeks worth of Uni stuff and half the wisdom of the
free world (which probably isn't much).
Look, this post does have a point...i'm appealing to all you people out
there who have all the early varsions of songs and lyrics. i guess i mean
something like the Salome recordings (which i've never heard, so i'm not
sure), so you can get an idea of how the songs have developed, both
lyrically and musically, and especially the differences in development
between early eighties songs and more recent songs. as far as i know, Bono
tends to write songs on the microphone, sketching in lyrical ideas and then
fleshing them out later...but i could be wrong. i could be very wrong.
look, does this post make sense to anyone but me? if you can get an idea
of what i'm talking about, and you've got an answer, please drop me a line
at [email protected]

Jo S.
>^..^< <*((()))><

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