Seeing through J's transprent two-faced facade

rob okorn ([email protected])
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:33:47 PDT

It's obvious J's comments are intended to be inflammatory and incite
flames, not surprisngly it's worked, people I guess have forgotten his
over the top scathing lambasting of U2's musical chops a while back. He
did a nice 360 in his first wire post from his usual cutthroat
inflammatory comments.
This whole thing started when someone posted about U2's great
spontaneity during popmart, I responded on wire challenging this notion.
J responds privately which is fine, then turns around and uses my
private response and posts it to wire while basically inviting a flame
war with his exaggerations and twisted quotes, then arrogant way of
denouncing credibility based on totally unrelated private posts from the
past. Who's being inflammatory, who's taking quotes out of context,
who's using every previous private post and posting a twisted version of
it on wire while trying to trounce credibility in a condescending way.
I respond by pointing out what he's doing and he continues with his
decpeptive posts which always try to incite wirelegs to flame, sort of
all of us against the 'dissenter' as he put it.

After giving J tips on the difference between Rock's hottest Ticket and
Joshua Tree on fire in GREAT detail in just about every facet and
reiterating which is better sonically in certain areas and performance
analysis, J emails me back 'you did not understand my question, let me
make it easier for you,...' the guy emails me the condescending post
after I gave him 100 times more info then he asked and answered his
question to the nth degree. At that point I must've emailed him a dozen
email tips in detail on boots and all he can do is rip me for not giving
him a one word answer, where's his sense of instincts. I emailed him
back 'I answered your question and then some in great detail, if you
can't decipher it, you don't have to email me in a condescending way'
for helping you on boots for the upteenth time.
On wire now, his arrogance has multiplied exponentially, I'm sure your
'I pray for him' post scored the proverbial brownie points, amazing what
a character transplant can do.
The ironic thing is J's transprent facade and inflammatory concepts
which he initiated is more obvious than Danny Best's initial character
questions. I guess it just takes people a while to see who people
really after tha extraneous inflammatory exaggerations.
I was flamed big time when I questioned the sound of Danny's boots as
well as what his sound exaggeration deception said about his credibility
and character. Everybody took Danny at face value and ignored the red
flags and deception.
I'm not looking for attention, I'm just expressing my verbiage on this
free forum, was I looking for attention when I tried to warn everyone
over and over that Danny Best was deceiving, for that gesture I was
ripped for even quuestioning the sound or Danny's integrity. Earlier in
the month I warned people about bad traders, u2one, u2man1 and George
Espinoza out of Texas.
I've emailed well over a dozen people last year when they were
despearatly looking for Joshua tree singles.
After I post my opinion on wire at the outset, j decides to distort my
private quotes from posts while using them(bad netiquestte), then used
inflammatory verbiage so that wirelegs would jump on the bandwagon and
flame the 'dissenter' as he put it. Am I making all this up, I don't
know what it takes for people to see through all the extraneous crap.
Typival of J to cry innocent, people can see through your transparent

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