New: UV -soundcheck MP3

allard van der werff ([email protected])
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 02:40:29 PDT

Hi there,

I've to add another U2-website to the zillions that are out there
Although it's not as fancy many of those websites, I'm tryin...But on
the bootleg trading page you can find a UV-soundcheck before the
kick-off of the ZooTV tour in Lakeland, Florida.

It's from the WANTED! boot and if you want to hear tracks from the other
boots listed there, let me know so I can put them up there.

[Maybe a track of 'Mountains In a Blue Sky' Denver, 1987 (soundboard!)
that I just received? It's probably a new release from older bootlegs,
but it has great bonus sounboards from the JT tour]

The address-->

Bye for now, Allard

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